Sense of Space
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So here's a little exercise in trying to find the "sweet" spot for recording acoustic guitar in my studio. The main guitar is a Blum pair, Royer 121 on the left and AEA R-84 on the right. The secondary guitars were caught with a single mic. My studio is a little "tight", what I refer to as the "Vocal" booth being on a par with a small bedroom. Its an "inside-out" build, meaning the drywall is on the outside of the studs, the voids between the studs filled with 3" of 703. It's pretty "dead". The tracks have been sweetened a little with the Rematrix Player RE-Live Massive preset. I'm hoping I've created a real sense of space here. You be the judge!

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The secondary guitars have both been "bounced", meaning I comped them up a bit. The main guitar is one trip through up to the last two arpeggio "scrapes", I went back and punched in to get it "right"; its a combo of takes 1 and 3. Obviously this is after numerous trips through, on numerous sessions, "finding" the melody. I'm kind of a 3 take guy. If I can't get it in 3 takes, I give it a "rest" and try to come back "fresh". The bass track I punched in at last three notes.
Drums are EZD2, such as they are. The first secondary guitar was used to "map" the tempo, then the kick and side stick used as the "click" track. I can't play to a straight click to save my life; don't know about you, but I hate 'em!
Small m "mastered" with Ozone 9: I let the AI set up the signal chain and I "tweaked" the limiters a bit...
Tried Neutron 3 on the Solo Guitar buss, I don't know, I've never "bonded" with Neutron.

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